Subway Tracks


IntertechRail is a leader in the manufacturing of fail-safe relays, crossing, signals and signaling equipment for the rail industry.

Fail-Safe Relays

Our Fail-Safe Relays are manufactured according to AREMA standards, with total compatibility with the most traditional manufacturers. We offer 5 years warranty on all of our relays.

Level Crossing

Our level crossing systems are used worldwide and use high technology to identify the approach of trains with speeds of up to 350 km/h. All IntertechRail's equipment is manufactured according to AREMA and SIL4.

Train Detection

Train detection using conventional track circuits or by high-tech wheel sensors. Most used in rail yards and AEI applications.

Rail Yard Systems

We provide the complete system for your rail yard automation, from the protection of the switch machine, control of the circulation of trains, management and identification of railcars to the complete Control Center software system.