Identification & Positioning

IntertechRail is a key TransCore's leading strategic partner, a world leader in the development of RFID systems for transport systems, part of Roper Industries. IntertechRail applies with great success  that technology in rail systems around the world, including Automatic Equipment Identification and Train Positioning Systems.


TransCore has long recognized the power of RFID-based automatic equipment identification (AEI) to more reliably track rail cars and its contents.  Our products and solutions integrate with our in-transit visibility, maintenance, repair yard, and inventory management service offerings to provide the transport industry with unique functionality.  This provides seamless integration for rail, truck, barge, chassis container, and other intermodal applications.  In 1991, the American Association of Railroads mandated a tagging standard to track all railcars.  Today, every railcar in North America comes equipped with a TransCore tag.  Our tags are encoded per the ISO 10374 container identification standard, and our tractor tags are encoded per the ATA standard for trucking applications.  Our newest multiprotocol rail reader, train recording unit, and wireless products are designed to support the rail market’s transition to updated AEI technology.  These industry-leading solutions are revolutionizing rail check-in, inspection, weighing, inventory, and check-out processes.

Automatic Train Protection, Operation & Control

Our products are the enabling technology behind wayside and positioning applications. In train positioning, such as the ones implemented in light rails, subways, airport trains and others around the world, critical information available in transponders mounted on the track are read by interrogators mounted on the train which send the information to the internal ATP computer, enabling CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) and passenger information.

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Automatic Equipment Identification

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